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Movies, Murder, and RPG's

This was one of the best weekends I've had in awhile.  On Friday night, I met up with my book group for a Feminist Movie Night, where we watched Teeth (a horror movie about Vagina Dentata)  and the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I was definitely glad to have a comedy to watch after Teeth, although the rest of the group seemed to find much mirth in both movies.

On Saturday I traveled back up to Malibu to have lunch with my father, before traveling over to the home of bygoneglamour for a 1950's Hollywood murder mystery party. I really enjoyed myself, and hell must have frozen over because I somehow found myself running the kitchen to prepare all of the food. The really odd thing is that nothing blew up and all of the food turned out great. Ava and Lindsey did a great job creating the character backgrounds of everyone, and there were plenty of possibilities to trip everyone up including; closet communists, maffia members from Las Vegas, numerous acts of infidelity, and a stifled spouse. Truly great. I played a PI working for the head of the studio, so I had plenty of dirt on most of the other people at the party.

On Sunday, I drove back down to San Diego just in time for my second session of the D&D game I just joined. (and yes, I helped Ava to clean up her house before I left)  My rogue was a big help with this adventure, figuring out several traps and key plot points.  However, I may have made a mistake when I found myself face to face with the main monster for the evening, an otyugh named Slag (Basically a giant mouth with pointy teeth and tentacles). I only had seconds to come up with a plan, so I pulled out a vial of particularly nasty poison I had received earlier (2d6 Con Damage with a failed Fortitude roll) and with one hand I drank the antidote for myself, and with the other I shoved the vial of poison down its throat. Everyone stopped talking and just stared at me. "You shoved your arm into the living trash compactor??" I replied that I had hoped the poison would kill it before it could bite my arm, and I didn't want to risk missing it's mouth with a toss attack (It's AC was crazy).  Anyway, no such luck. It bit down on my arm, and did so much damage that the DM ruled my arm had been severed. On the bright side, the poison worked and I rolled well for it, so the Ranger was able to finish it off with his attack.  The cleric was then able to heal me so that I stopped bleeding to death.  It was only afterwards that I looked at the DM and said, "Let me get this straight. I just choked the monster to become a one armed bandit?"  Many groans were had by all. 


Cursed by an overactive imagination

For as long as I can remember, I've been plagued with ideas for stories. Even when I am dreaming, at least the dreams I can remember, my subconscious drums up overarching plot lines, beginnings, middles, endings, characters, devices, inventions, viewpoints, and desires all in exacting detail .  During the day when I day dream I have the same problem. Great story ideas and concepts come rushing into my head, and I almost never have the patience to actually record them properly.  This past week I've decided to try and change that. At the very least, I am now trying to keep a list of all of the ideas that come zipping through my head.  There have already been one or two that I didn't get to my computer quickly enough to write down, but I am going to try and make the effort.

Just as an example, as I was leaving the latest Harry Potter movie I thought how much fun it would be to create a checklist book for children. It would be recorded with old style penmanship, like an old ledger, and would list all of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches that a child should experience before growing up.  Such as the sight of a favorite forest path during each of the four months of the year, the taste of fresh baked bread, or the smell of a skunk's spray. I think I would have enjoyed something like that as a child.


Made of Win

Quoted from Nodwick.com:

"And from the "but what will it mean?" files comes the long-running court case over the rights to Superman. In the article it says that DC/Time-Warner will lose the copyright to Supes around the year 2013 and won't be able to exploit the character without licensing it from the estates of Seigel & Schuster. While brainstorming with a friend, we theorized what form the most irritating licensing possibility for Superman could be. Our winner was a license to Dark Horse Comics, where he's made part of their Star Wars universe. In a move that would have both comic and Jedi fans alike reaching for the torches and pitchforks, it would be revealed that Superman's powers come from a rare strain of midichlorians, giving him immense power but mostly only at personal range (aside from the heat vision). We'd also pay homage to "Superman Returns" by making Kal-El the father of Anakin Skywalker. Think about it: Both Lois and Shimi found themselves with children of frightening ability from a mysterious pregnancy they can't remember conceiving."
Yesterday sucked. It just goes to show that you should never look at your life and say, "Wow! Things are going great!".  The universe will immediately locate the nearest cricket bat of doom and womp you upside the head.

Here's a list of what happened yesterday:

1. Two of my employees put in their two week notices. I should have expected the second after the first, as they have been commuting together.

2. The library that got dropkicked into my schedule was not told that they had been moved, so there was much panicking when I went to map their library. They were greatful I was giving them more info than HQ, but it still dragged me into poltics, afterwhich I discovered that large parts of the order of libraries they gave me might be revised. Oy!

3. Upon returning to my staff at the end of the day, I was confronted by the head librarian, who informed me she had a box of books in her office that we had tagged that she was going to send to HQ to ask for a refund. It turned out to be 59 books (a small number when you consider we have tagged around 70,000 in their library alone), but it is frustrating because many of them had broken spines that are not noticable when you are only checking the front and back of each book. (Each of my employees only spends about 20-24 seconds on each item. Not a lot of time to check for damages)

4. I then also realized I left my wallet at home, and my gas tank was almost empty. I had to rush over to Wachovia and play twenty questions so that they would issue me $20 with no ID.

Still, overall we are getting along well with the library staffs we are working with, and apparently my boss has been getting some great reviews of my work from various uppity-ups in the county system.  I also should be able to hire new staff more easily, as a bunch of part time library staff just got laid off due to budget cuts.  I'll just cross my fingers and hope there aren't too many more days like this one.



This is pretty cool. It's the first poster to change when it thinks no one is looking.

Here's a link to the full size pic:


Over the Weekend

On Saturday I went and played Kickball for the first time since Elementary school. You might not think the game is very athletic, but when you only have four people on each team you end up either running around the bases or running for the ball 24/7 for 9 innings. Lets just say you can really feel it in your legs afterward.  I also did a one hour walking meditation Saturday night.

Walking meditation is one of the few meditations I've kept up with. I choose a direction and just start to walk. Sometimes I wander for a few minutes, and other times I walk for hours. After awhile, any depressive feelings I have begin to ebb away, and my mind empties of all thought. At that point, I get to a point where I feel the world around me more than myself, and I know it is ok to turn around and go home.

During these walks it seems like my mind turns from inward to outward, and it becomes easier to notice the beauty in the world around me. For instance, last night I wandered by North Chollas Community Park, and found that the architect incorporated all sorts of waves into the sidewalk running along the outside.  The pavement has occasional wavy lines stamped into it, the sidewalk itself rolls to and fro in different directions rather than moving in a straight line, and there are also random gardens with wave motifs at various points along the way. They also let all sorts of wild desert fauna and bushes grow on both sides of the sidewalk, so it feels like you drunkenly wandering through the woods at night. (It's probably the closest I've felt to WWC in quite some time;) Wild rabbits periodically will dart out in front of you,sometimes even in packs, and they chitter in the bushes as you walk past. It's amazing how many little things seem majestic and magical when you just take an hour out of the day to pull yourself out of your own head.

On Sunday I finally made it out to the San Diego Wild Animal Park to try out their new zip line. It's the second largest zipline in America (Alaska's is larger) at just under 1 mile. You have to ride a bus to the top of a hill outside the park, which is 900 ft above sea level. You then walk out onto a tall metal spear where the ziplines attach to. The ziplines run over three separate areas of the park, so you can get a birds eye view of various animals from all over the world. Overall I would say it was very fun, but I wish it could have lasted longer. Typically the ride takes 1 - 2 minutes to complete depending on your weight and the wind.

Here we find Neil Gaiman being interviewed in a bathtub with Amanda Palmer.

I can walk!

I finally got off my crutches over the weekend, and back into regular shoes.  The bottom of my feet are still kind of tender, but I can walk around for short periods of time pain-free.  Currently I'm really not looking forward to my ER bill showing up in the mail, but I have to admit they did a great job.

(And yes, I do realize I should skip doing marathons in the future if I have not trained for them)

Oh, and the leather mask I posted a few weeks ago finally came in the mail!  I'll post pictures of it soon.


Beatles!   Rockband!   So......Happy......Right.....Now....

Click the link to watch the beautiful opening Sequence:

Now I need to buy an Xbox....

By the power of the all father!

Odin has been cast for the Thor movie:


I think he could work beautifully, but I'm interested in what rae_beta and sir_beard have to say.



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